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Deader than Ever: An Amateur Take on Death in Games

Sometimes, I like to think I am a decent gamer. I imagine that I can sit at my gaming device of choice and play a variety of games of varying difficulty and enjoy them as they were

Mad…Mini…Micro…Magnificent? Madcatz’ new MicroConsole

Ok, I’ll be honest. I own an Nvidia Shield; you know…that weirdo android device made by Nvidia that seemed all but sensible. Well, that weirdo device is housed under this umbrella of gaming machines called a micro-console.

Quick Post: Free Server Transfers for FFXIV

When we last visited the topic of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, it wasn’t exactly good press. At the time there were a plethora of issues; for example, players were unable to login reliably and character


ARGHH!!! That is the sound many made over launch weekend for the new Final Fantasy MMORPG, Final Fantasy: A Realm Reborn, me included. Since the early access weekend, FFXIV:ARR has experienced several server issues, ranging from not

If you’re looking for a Razer – sharp deal…

So I think I should apologize in advance for the lame title, but that being said, that doesn’t make this deal any less appealing! For a limited time, the Microsoft Store is selling select Razer products for